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Extra Services

New Construction/Remodel Window Cleaning

  • Safely removing new window stickers, silicone, paint over-spray, sheet rock mud, concrete splatters, etc.

Deep Cleaning of Window Tracks

  • Removal of excessive mold, dirt, dead bugs, etc. (A basic wipe down of the tracks is included in the standard window cleaning service)

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Windows

  • Windows that haven't been cleaned in a long time and require multiple washes with the use of fine grade steel wool and/or razor blades to come clean.

Removal And Replacement of Gutter Screens

  • This extra service in reference to the "Do it yourself" systems that are installed and removed in two or three foot sections, and meant to be disassembled. We do not remove permanent gutter screen/guard system

Solar Panels Cleaned  

  •  We can clean your solar panels with a water fed pole with soft bristles, and a low grade mild detergent to wash and rinse them to safely and gently get them clean. 

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